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What are Folders in Google Tag Manager

What are and what is the purpose of Folders in GTM?

This functionality is very very useful because it helps you to organize your works, giving you the possibility to catalog all your tags, triggers and variables you have created.

This is a good solution Tag Manager offers to you when you are working on an account with hundreds of variables, triggers or tags.

Giving you an example, you can create a folder in which you can insert all the elements related to Google Analytics.

Let’s take a look.

How to create a folder

Click on Folders and let’s create a new one.

folders in gtm

Let’s give it the name “Google Analytics” and click on Create:

new folder with the name google analytics

Now you can go to the Tag section, select all the tags for Google Analytics and move them to the new folder:

select the tags and move them into the new folder in gtm

Select the folder in which you want to move the tags:

Select the folder in which you want to move the tags

Once done you’ll see which tags are catalogued in a certain folder and which in others:

tags catalogued

The game is done!


By creating the folders you do nothing more than catalog what you create in GTM.

You can create new folders for your vendors or a folder for all the stuff releated to Facebook and so on.

Remember: use the folders in the best possible way so that they help you in your work. Think of it this way, so you don’t need to catalogue everything if you don’t think it’s useful!

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2 pensieri su “What are Folders in Google Tag Manager

  1. Hi,
    What happens if you roll back a GTM Version to one where you undo TAGs added after that version?I know those tags are removed. Can I save the TAGs to a folder and I can add them later. In other words are folders rolled back when a previous tag version is not just published but set as the latest Version?
    Can I ceate

    1. Hi Dave,
      sorry for my late reply. No, actually it’s not possible. Folders are only useful for organize tags, variables and trigger. They are only a user interface to organize what you create in GTM. We all hope that in the near future the GTM team will roll out more refinement on this feature!

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