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Google Analytics 4 Demo Account

demo account google analytics 4

Google has just released the Demo Account for Google Analytics 4

Now, all users can access and discover the functionalities offered by GA4.

But let’s go in order!

Post Content:

1) What is the Google Analytics 4 Demo Account
2) How the Demo Account is implemented
3) What can I do with the Demo Account
4) Data Stream
5) Explore the Google Analytics 4 Property
   5.1 Google Merchandise Store:
      5.1.1 Report: Events 
      5.1.2 Report Explore:
         5.1.2.a Report Explore - Shopping Behavior Funnel 
         5.1.2.b Report Explore - Mobile/Paid/Direct Segment Overlap  
         5.1.2.c Report Explore - Checkout Behavior Funnel
         5.1.2.d Report Explore - Behavior Flow Path 
         5.1.2.e Create New Report in Explore
   5.2 Flood-it!

What is the Google Analytics 4 Demo Account

The Demo Account is an account created by Google to which all users have access.

By clicking here you can access it via the Google support page.

All users have the Only Read access. That means:

  • See the data into the Demo Account;
  • Analyze the data;
  • Create custom reports which will be visible only for the single user;
  • Create segments with the data in the Account;
  • Add Custom Dimensions into the Reports you’re analyzing;

How the Demo Account is Implemented

There are two important news into the Account:

  1. the GA4 Property
  2. the Property for web App

These two new properties are added to the Universal Analytics Property “UA – Google Merchandise Store”.

demo account google analytics 4

What Can I Do With the Demo Account

Here comes the best part! The Demo Account allows us to freely and live explore a Property in Google Analytics 4 and the Data Streams for the Apps.

In addition to all the guides and posts on the subject, we can also add areal Property, with real data and get a concrete idea of the potential of GA4

We can collect some ideas to create an implementation plan for our website or for a Client we’re working for.

In short, we can explore something that perhaps we had only read before or we had not yet implemented on our website.

Data Stream

The data shown in the Demo Account comes from different Data Streams.

For the “GA4 – Google Merchandise Store” Property, the data stream is the following:

data stream ga4

For the “GA4 – Flood-it!” Property there are three data streams, which refer to the game “Flood-it!” present on the site as landing page and for iOS and Android:

data stream app google analytics 4

Explore the Google Analytics 4 Property

Google Merchandise Store

The main advice is to start exploring the different Reports that are into the account.

I won’t go into detail on each of this reports, but I want to suggest you where to look absolutely.

Report: Events

Among the most important Reports, it’s certainly worth going into the details of Events > All Events

event report google analytics 4

You can see the different events set and, by clicking inside them, see the parameters associated with them:

event parameters google analytics 4

Report: Explore

Another report to look at in detail and “play with” is definetely the Explore > Analysis hub

Inside there are already some structure created by default from Google:

analysis hub google analytics 4

With these four reports you see in the image above, you can see:

1) Report Explore – Shopping Behavior Funnel

In this funnel you can see the user’s behavior between one step to another.

The funnel is read-only, but it allows us many ideas to create others with several Dimensions and Metrics.

funnel behavior users ga4
2) Report Explore – Mobile/Paid/Direct Segment Overlap

This analysis-report is also read-only. However it is possible to see how user segments interact with each other.

rapporto overlpa google analytics4
3) Report Explore – Checkout Behavior Funnel

Still in “read-only” mode, we can see the funnel for each step of the checkout.

With this analysis report you can set the different steps to create your favorite analysis.

checkout behavior google analytics 4
4) Report Explore – Behavior Flow Path

In this report we can see the flow for each selected node.

It is certainly a very interesting Report, with which to play and create new ones. In my opinion, it provides a lot of ideas for thought!

behavior flow google analytics 4
Create New Reports in Explore

Let’s not stop to see the only four reports that Google has made available to us, but let’s start creating new ones to learn how to use the tool better.

The Demo Account offers us this possibility, so let’s take advantage of it!

Just click on Blanck or Gallery Template to create a new Analysis report.

new template google analytics 4

When creating a new template, we can indulge ourselves and really choose numerous options:

new template ga4


The other Property available, in addition to the Google Merchandise Store, is that of Flood-it!

Flood-it! is a game available as an app for both Android and iOS.

The data in GA4 are those relating to the game on the different operating systems.

The GA4 Property for this game is created so that one of the Data Streams is connected to at least one game app in the Play Store or App Store and in the Property Settings the category sector must be “Games”.

In this way, entering the Property created to monitor “Flood-it!”, you can choose three options:

  • Games Reporting
  • Reporting
  • Firebase Reporting
google analytics 4 flood it

For each option, I’d notice how the Reports in Google Analytics 4 change.

Game Reports show different metrics than measuring an e-commerce or other website.

with this Demo Account, Google gives us the possibility to see live how a GA4 Property is set up for the measurement of a game app.

We can browse through the different reports and collect various useful insights in case of tracking implementation.


The rollout of this version will allow users to directly access an Account with Google Analytics 4.

It’s also a step forward to push the use of GA4 more, moving from “theory” to practice.

The rollout of the Flood-it! version is really interesting, because it offers us a more complete overview of the Games platform.

Now we need to take full advantage of this account to:

  • strengthen the use of GA4;
  • get ideas from tracking other websites
  • discover the most hidden features;

What can I say, good discover!

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