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Schedule Emails in Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a great free data visualization tool that you definetly have to know.

It allows you to create useful dashboards to show data from several data sources.

Google Analytics is only one of those data sources. You can find Google Sheets, Google Ads and several others which are constantly updated.

Actually (September 2020) there are 18 Google Connectors and 256 Partner Connectors:

connettori google data studio
connetori prtner google data studio

When you’ve created your dashboard, you can schedule the email delivery automatically.

This can be useful for several reasons:

  • inform stakeholders on the performance of the main KPIs;
  • inform your Clients about the performance of their website;
  • inform yourself about the progress of some metrics and alert you in case there are “strange” values;

Let’s see how to set up the delivery.

Schedule Automatic Email Delivery in Google Data Studio

In the Report you want to delivery, click on ShareSchedule Email Delivery as in the image below:

click on share schedule email in google data studio

Now you can set up several parameters:

  • To: insert the emails you want to receive your report;
  • Customize Email Subject and message: if flagged, it allows you to enter a Subject that you can write to identify the automatic email;
  • Start Time: when you want to start the email’s schedule and at what time;
  • Repeat: there are several options as Daily, Weekly on Sunday, Monthly on the 1st Sunday, Every weekday (Monday to Friday), Custom. If you choose Custom you can decide a custom delivery time;
imposta i valori per inviare la mail

When you have set up, click on Schedule to save.

Receiving the email: how it looks

Here’s what the email will look like once it’s sent to the recipients:

how it looks email
the email will look like once it's sent to the recipients

In the images above, as you have seen, I have not customized any Subject and I have not inserted messages into the automatic mail.

If you do this, the Subject will take the Original Dashboard Name and the Submission Date.

In my example: “Dashboard Data Studio – Sep 5, 2020”.

But if you want to customize the Subject and the Message, it’ll look nicer and professional.

customize the subject and the message

What can I say, a quick and easy way to stay updated on the main KPIs.

Good analysis!

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