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The value (other) in Google Analytics

Often it can happen to meet the value (other) within the Google Analytics Reports.

Certainly it may have happened to you with some Reports in particular, for example the All Pages Report, on very large sites or by selecting long time periods:

What is the value (other)? This value groups all values ​​that have exceeded the data processing limit in Google Analytics.

What are the limits in GA data processing? Analytics stores up to 50,000 lines every day in the basic version.

For Google Analytics 360, the daily limit expands to 1,000,000 lines, as indicated in the Google guide.

This is the reason why there are some Reports in which it is often possible to find the value (other): they are all Reports with high cardinality dimensions.

Conversely, there are other Reports within which it is impossible to find the value (other), because of the limited number of cardinalities of the primary dimension of the Report.

Can I delete the value (other)?

It is possible to reduce the risk of encountering this value, even for users who use the basic version of Google Analytics.

How? Reducing the period to be analyzed and selecting shorter periods.

Another trick may be to apply filters to reduce the cardinality of dimensions with numerous values ​​(for example the Page dimension).

Good analysis 🙂

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