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Review of Analytics Mania GTM Course

In the digital analytics field you should be always kept update. I use Google Analytics in my work but it is not possible to be a Digital Analyst if you do not know also Google Tag Manager.

This is the reason why I searched for a course to implement my skills on GTM. I searched for something that I can apply in real world and not only theoretically. Then I’ve found Julius from Analytics Mania. This is my personal thought based on my experience that I want to share with all of them are searching for a well structured course:

For those who want to implement the knowledge on Google Tag Manager, I definitely recommend the Analytics Mania GTM Course. If you are a beginner who needs to start from the A-B-C of GTM or if you already know something but you need to strengthen your skills, I really recommend the course. What I have most appreciated are: every module is divided into several lessons, Julius speaks clearly, he gives you all the elements you need (you also have a demo website to test the implementation following the videos), you have the  access every time you want and in each lesson there is a Q&A part for all students if you have  any doubts about what has been explained. I’ve followed several online courses but this was one of the best.

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